Bali Campervan Hire for Road Trip Vacation

how much bali campervan hire and rentals
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Bali Campervan Rentals

An adventurous Bali road trip in a motorhome or campervan rental will allow you to discover the splendor of Ubud, Bedugul and Kintamani.

On a driving vacation, Bali Campervan hire are the perfect accommodation choice for flexibility. A mobile home allows you to take each day as it comes, travel across the country, and park and camp in beautiful and secluded locations.

Hiring a Campervan in Bali

Campervans can be picked up in any of Bali’s major cities. Some businesses provide flexible pick-up and drop-off options, allowing you to travel from one location to another rather than making a round trip.

A campervan is a vehicle that is slightly smaller than a van. If you’re planning on freedom camping, be sure your campervan is self-contained. It may be easier to drive and park these smaller automobiles.

How Much Bali Campervan Hire

The cost of a daily rental varies depending on the type and the cost of a vehicle also varies based on its condition. Some companies rent out older automobiles to low-cost travelers, while others cater to drivers who seek the most features and comfort.
Consider traveling during the shoulder seasons and booking early in advance to receive the greatest rates on Bali campervan hire.

from US$ 55 per car

Where can you park in a campervan in Bali?

Bali Camping Spots many are positioned at the edge of a lake or by the beach, such as

  • Balian Beach
    One of my favorite beaches in Bali for camping is Balian.
    The camping location is Balian Surf Camp, which is located directly across the river (which is normally ankle deep) from Balian Beach.

  • Bukit Asah
    Bukit Asah is a small peninsula off the coast of East Bali that overlooks the beautiful Virgin Beach.

  • Bukit Surga
    Bukit Surga is a one-of-a-kind camping spot in Bali.
    It is located on top of a mountain with a view of the Karagasem region.
    The rice terraces and verdant hills can be seen all the way to the coast from this vantage point.

  • Keramas Beach
    There are a variety of reasons for camping at Keramas, but the main reason must be the surf.
    One of Bali’s most famous waves is this huge, jacking right.

  • Kintamani
    The stunning sunrises in the Kintamani area are well-known, and some people even walk to the summit of Mount Batur only to obtain the greatest view.

  • Medewi Beach
    Medewi is famous for its extremely long left hand wave.
    There are other more breaks along the shore in addition to the main break.

  • Mount Batur Crater
    A dormant volcano (Mount Batur) stands over a vast crater lake in the area, which is surrounded by a massive caldera. One of the most popular activities in Bali is sunrise hiking on Mount Batur.

  • Amed Area
    Amed’s hidden section It’s a little plot of seaside property where we’ve made arrangements with the owner to camp and use a nearby bathroom. Our secret hideaway is situated on a grassy knoll overlooking some tidal pools.

  • West of Bali
    The west coast of Bali is the furthest away from the tourist traps of South Bali, and hence appeals to those seeking a less traveled road.


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