how much bali safari ticket price
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Bali Safari Ticket Price starts from $43

So, while you can visit the zoo, you can also make a day of it by participating in one of the various activities available at Bali Safari Park without overloading your family with a full-fledged zoo excursion.
To round out your visit, there are toddler activities and a bird & animal show.

Bali Safari Park, home to over a thousand beautiful animals, is your destination for an adventurous, entertaining, informative experience that goes beyond a safari. More than 120 species are represented in the park, including rare and endangered species such as the Komodo Dragon, Orangutan, and Bali Starling bird.

Bali Safari Park is at the forefront of Indonesian wildlife conservation. Many Indonesian animal species rely on us to ensure their survival and well-being in the future.

How Much Does a Bali Safari Ticket Price?

The following are Bali Safari ticket prices that you can order online and skip the line at the counter, you only need to show the mobile voucher on your email.

Jungle HopperRp 640.000Rp 800.000
Breakfast with LionsRp 650.000Rp 750.000
DragonRp 880.000Rp 1.100.000
Night SafariRp 880.000Rp 1.100.000
Bali Safari Ticket Price

how much bali safari ticket price
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Bali Safari & Marine Park Tour Packages

Jungle Hopper, A Popular Safari Package

Want to go on a fun safari while still getting the greatest ticket price? – There are numerous packages available at Bali Safari Park, one of which is the Jungle Hopper, which includes all of the primary activities.

  • Safari Journey
  • Edutainment Shows

Elephant Back Safari

The Elephant Back Safari Package at Bali Safari Marine Park allows visitors to see one of the world’s largest land mammals ranging freely in an African-themed Bushveld surrounded by wildebeests, zebras, and rhinoceros. Sumatran elephants are housed at Bali Safari Park, which has made conservation efforts to ensure that these intelligent beasts survive for a long time. On this exclusive journey, see actual wildlife up close in one of Asia’s largest safari parks!

Our trained and qualified mahouts (handlers) will lead you on an educational ride where you will discover more about the remarkable behavior, talents, intelligence, and natural habitat of these gentle giants.

Night Safari

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday enjoy Bali’s best safari experience after dark with the Night Safari Package! Your evening will be jam-packed with fascinating moments, from watching zebras, elephants, and giraffes interact in the dark to watching the king of the jungle and dangerous tigers wandering free and approaching you as they please! The Night Safari at Bali Safari Park brings you so near to the tigers that you can almost feel their breath on your cheek.

Breakfast with Lions

With lions for breakfast, at Bali Safari is a unique dining experience in Bali where you may dine while watching wildlife in their natural environment. Tsavo Lion Restaurant is Asia’s first African-themed restaurant, where guests can dine beside a spectacular pride of lions.

4×4 Safari Tour

On this exclusive tour, get a closer look at actual wildlife from inside a specially adapted 4×4 vehicle. Get to know our animals by feeding them directly from your hands!

Bali Agung Show

More than 150 Balinese dancers and musicians perform in this stunning cultural spectacle. The program combines classic and contemporary theatrical arts. Where the world-famous magical cultural show is performed in a luxury theater with advanced multi-media technology, surround sound, and lighting. This gigantic theatre has a seating capacity of 1200 people and is ideal for other gatherings, conferences, and exhibitions. This event is a theatrical art performance that uses dynamic dance choreography, vivid costumes, dramatic music compositions, and modern lighting and sound equipment to portray the story of a Balinese legend.

Night Safari – Bali Safari Ticket Price

How To Get Safari & Marine Park Bali?

Here is the best way to visit Bali Safari marine park from your hotel or villa

Hire Car Rental with a Personal Driver

If you desire extra luxury and security, hiring a private driver in Bali is an alternative. The driver will be able to hire by appointment when using a private car. Book here

Online Taxi

Online taxi services such as GoCar or Grab are less expensive, yet they are unable to enter specific regions in Bali due to the reluctance of traditional taxi services. Before using the service, you must first download and install an application.


For lone travelers with limited luggage, using a motorcycle taxi service such as Gojek or Grab is an excellent option. Before using their service, you must first download and install the apps.

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