Trunyan Hill

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Trunyan Hill Trekking Bali

Trunyan Hill is located in Trunyan Kintamani Village Bangli, which is one of the villages located close to Lake Batur. It is famous for its unique burial where the bodies of the deceased are not buried or burned like in general in Bali, but the bodies are placed under a tree called the Taru Menyan tree which means fragrant tree. Taru incense tree is able to neutralize the smell of corpses that are in the process of natural decomposition.

Trunyan Hill is the top of the hill above Trunyan Village which has an altitude of 1,796 masl. To reach this peak, there are 2 hiking trails that can be used, namely through the Trunyan Village route, Kintamani Bangli, and the direction of the Kubu Village route, Tianyar, Karangasem.
Currently, the route that is often used is the path close to the Pancering Jagat Temple, Trunyan Village. To get to this place, you can use google maps that have been embedded above. The estimated time to reach the top of Trunyan Hill is approximately 3 hours.

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