Bali Glass Bridge Officially Open for Tourist

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Bali glass bridge Ubud is open for the public ticket from IDR 100.000
Bali Glass Bridge Ubud

Glass Bridge Ubud Open to the Public

A new tourist attraction in Bali is a glass bridge. The Bali Glass Bridge was built on the Petanu River in Gianyar, near the Tegenungan waterfall tourist destination. The bridge connects two areas: Banjar Tegenungan in Sukawati’s Kemenuh Village and Banjar Belangsinga in Blahbatuh’s Saba Village. This destination is about 40–50 minutes by motorbike from Denpasar City.
According to Antara, the glass bridge, with a length of 190 meters and a height of 40 meters, contributes to Saba Village’s tourist attraction.

Visitors can enter these attractions via the east entrance at Belangsinga or the west entrance at Tegunungan. It is recommended that large vehicles enter through the west gate.

Entrance Ticket

Ticket prices for the Bali Glass Bridge Domestic tourists can purchase tickets for IDR 75,000 for children and IDR 150,000 for adults. Foreign tourists, on the other hand, pay IDR 125,000 for children and IDR 250,000 for adults.

Tickets can be purchased at the location by displaying an identity card. Bali Resident Cards (KTP) are available at a discounted rate of IDR 50,000 for children and IDR 100,000 for adults. The ticket includes an iced tea glass that can be exchanged at the minibar.

Hours of operation are currently open from 08.00 to 18.00 WITA. There are plans to expand operating hours into the evenings and increase tourism activities in the future.

Tour Package

  • Bali Glass Bridge with Swing and Waterfall
  • Bali Glass Bridge with Temple and Ubud Tour
  • Bali Glass Bridge with Ubud Water Rafting

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